Services to Companies

An offer of services adapted to the business environment

Integrated Management of recreational areas

Turn-key service that integrates all the elements needed to operate the leisure and play activities centre.

Development of Content and Activities

We develop the content and activities fully customised to the needs of the client, including content related to their sector.


Ludicco provides a service designed to assist companies wishing to implement a leisure and play activities service in their facilities so that the deployment is done as efficiently as possible.

Central Procurement

This platform is where companies and educational institutions can purchase specialised products in a streamlined, centralised and simple manner.

Why choose us?

Ludicco a successful model

We apply a high value added and contrasted entertainment model.

We work with the best brands

We establish partnerships with national and international renowned prestige companies.

Is not subordinated to the modes

Thanks to its educational nature, the model of business lasts in time.

Ludicco represents values

We promote habits and behaviours that drive the development of a society based on respect, good manners and culture.

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